Your Clothes and Fashion Choices can Cause Climate Change, so Choose Carefully

Wearing clothes might seem like it doesn’t hurt the environment nearly as much as driving and flying or a multitude of other polluting activities. The reality, though, is different. Every time we get dressed, we literally put climate change on our backs. Indeed, the textile industry is one of the world's worst polluters. Changing what we wear can help reduce climate change and protect the environment.

Measure Corporate Environmental Impact to align your Investments with your Values

Investors’ interest in companies with environmentally friendly practices is growing, and research shows that returns from these firms are higher. Measuring a company’s environmental practices is, though, still quite difficult. While development of better metrics is underway, investors can still figure out whether a company is doing well now by developing their own criteria and using the reporting that already exists.

Net Zero Means Little without Real Milestones 2-21

In 2020, hundreds more companies set a target of “net zero” for greenhouse gas emissions. Many plan to achieve that goal only by 2050, however, and just have vague plans about how to get there. While the target sounds good, the only way to achieve it is to establish concrete milestones and measurements. Despite what might seem like a difficult task, some companies have put real plans in place. More should leverage their insights to make their commitment meaningful and actually accomplish it.

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