Payments Go Green Behind the Scenes

Recyclable non-plastic credit cards and benefits for consumers who go green get plenty of attention amidst the increasing focus on mitigating climate change. While initiatives behind the scenes in operations get less attention, financial institutions (FIs) have also taken almost equally big steps to mitigate climate change with their practices for payments in the back office. While paying with a card might seem to have little impact on the environment, everything from making cards and payment t

Ethical Sourcing, Recycling and the Value Chain in the Solar Panel Industry

A 2016 report by the International Renewable Energy Agency(*) found that, given an average solar panel life span of 30 years, it is likely that millions of metric tons of solar panels will be decommissioned by the early to mid-2030s and may end up in landfill. That forecast and the pressure to use more responsibly-produced materials for solar panels should incentivize everyone from materials suppliers and manufacturers to installers and utilities to source panels responsibly and seek means to recycle or reuse them. Unfortunately, the tools are not easily available.

Empowering Next-generation Family Leaders

•Large family-run businesses in Asia are focusing more on sustainability, doing good, creating impact and enabling the next generation. •BFI supports family businesses with education and engagement. •BFI uses a 4G framework for that support: multi-generation success, business growth, a giving mindset, and global connectivity. Founding academic director of Business Families Institute, Annie Koh, and its current academic director, Kenneth Goh, discussed the trends shaping Asia’s leading business families. First published by The Asian Banker at

Going Green in Payments Creates Competitive Advantage

With more consumers showing far greater concern about climate change, it’s not surprising that payment companies have started to offer more eco-friendly cards. While some programmes seem formulaic, a few early movers have created innovative cards that really can reduce climate change. Card issuers that develop meaningful products can gain a competitive advantage. (First published by Payments Consulting Network at

Sustainability-focused family offices grow rapidly in Asia

More family offices have a sustainability or ESG mandate, and sustainability is a larger consideration than in the past. -More than half of the family office portfolios in Asia Pacific have sustainable investments -Eighty five percent of family offices in Hong Kong expect to increase their allocation to ESG or impact investing -Family offices invest sustainably for the positive impact on society and because it is the right thing to do for the world First published by Wealth & Society at

Partnerships Help Drive Payments Volumes at GoPay

Payments apps are growing rapidly across Southeast Asia, and GoPay has become one of the leaders in Indonesia. PCN Research Director Richard Hartung talked with Vrutika Mody, head of global partnerships and business development at GoPay, to find out more about the competitive advantages of GoPay and the initiatives that have enabled it to succeed. First published by Payments Consulting Network (PCN) at

Setting up Your Own Business

Setting up Your Own Business First published in Living in Singapore, Setting up your own business can be very attractive for trailing spouses or people who want to escape life in a large corporate. Singapore is ranked second globally by the World Bank for ease of doing business, after New Zealand, and it is indeed easy to set up a business here. You’ll need to plan carefully, though, to make sure you design and structure your business well.
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